Sturdy Power Lines Is Your Top Electrical Services Provider

Located in Gilford, Ontario, we serve clients across Central Ontario and are trusted by engineering firms to design, build, and maintain electrical services.

Electrical Services

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

Has a storm knocked down your utility pole or high voltage power lines? Sturdy Power Lines is equipped to respond to a variety of electrical emergencies.

We are just a call away — 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Overhead Primary & Secondary Pole Lines

Sturdy Power Lines is made up of a small group of highly trained Powerline Technicians and apprentices in training, who construct, maintain, and repair distribution lines for electric utilities, municipalities, and the private sector.

Red Seal Certified

Sturdy Power Lines’ Licensed Journeymen are Red Seal certified industry experts and display a supreme level of excellence in their field. Safety and quality are at the forefront of all we do.

For maintenance or upgrading of existing lines, our Powerline Technicians are trained in live line work methods including rubber gloves and bare hand techniques up to and including 44kV.

Underground Primary & Secondary Services

Sturdy Power Lines offers a number of underground primary and secondary services including underground cable pulling, termination, and splicing of underground cables.

We also support services for pad mount, switchgear installation and maintenance, cable location, fault finding, megger, and hi-pot testing, submersible installation, civil construction of concrete duct banks, pipework, installation of concrete vaults, pole footings for self-supporting poles, backhoe, excavators, and Hydrovac trucks.

Temporary Power

When it comes to temporary power, we assist in determining service size & electrical equipment requirements for providing temporary power for projects from start to finish, with 400a & 800a services readily available.

Our private primary services include rural pole installation, new installation, and upgrades.

*24/7 emergency response service available.

Street & Yard Lighting

​Whether you are installing a completely new lighting system, redesigning, or require maintenance on your existing lighting system, we can assist.

Substation Maintenance

Sturdy Power Lines provides routine maintenance of substations; including proper function of transformers and switches to provide longevity of station.

Our team can also provide assistance through the transformer and oil testing, design, upgrading, installation, and troubleshooting.

Hydro Vac Excavation

  • Daylighting/ Potholing
  • Trenching
  • Pole Hole excavation
  • Debris Removal
  • Curb box replacements
  • Culvert Cleanouts
  • Tree Root Protection
  • Service Pits

High Voltage Equipment & Transformer Testing

Sturdy Power Lines provides on-site testing of high voltage transformers & switchgears to ensure efficient and safe equipment function that can substantially extend the life and delay new investment of replacement transformer assets.

Hi-Pot Testing is used to verify the dielectric integrity of the system (cable, splices, and terminations). Applied as a pass/fail or go/no-go test.

High Voltage Cable Terminations

Our Sturdy Power Lines team provides cable terminations for medium and high voltage installations including transformers, switchgears and riser poles.

Cable Locating and Fault Finding

We investigate, locate, and diagnose the cause of faults in electrical systems.


We provide complete electrical project engineering, estimating, and scheduling for new installations and/or modifications of existing systems.

Transformer & Switchgear Installations

Sturdy Power Lines provides design & build services for projects which require new pole mount or pad mount transformers or switch gears up to 44 kV.

Submersible Cable & Remote Service Installations

Submarine cable installation, Island padmount / pole-top transformer installation, cable terminations, Island transformer, and pole replacements, and Island overhead to underground conversion with pole line removal.

Ski Hill Illumination using Helicopter and off-road vehicle assist.

Why Choose Sturdy Power Lines

Our Expertise

Team Sturdy is equipped to respond quickly and safely, with professionalism, honesty, and innovative expertise. We’re here to help.

Our Portfolio

Explore our portfolio to learn more about our hard-working team. Our attention to detail and customer service speaks for itself.

Our Support

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“Sturdy Power Lines LTD has been a consistently reliable service provider to CN’s numerous departments for over a decade. From planned, large scale, project input; to last-minute emergency response service, we continue to trust Sturdy as a consistently delivering service provider.

Additionally, Sturdy Power Lines LTD has also acted as a wealth of industry knowledge in troubleshooting technical issues. We have and will continue to rely on their trusted subject matter expertise for all things Electrical.”

JohnDavid KEATING, CN Rail Facilities Supervisor, Southern Ontario